Sunday, April 3, 2011

Only the Brave: 1974 Austin Marina GT

Sometimes the journey is better than the destination. Or the thrill of a barnfind exceeds the actual ownership experience of any particular vehicle. This might be just that sort of story.

It would be difficult to duplicate any find as absolutely obscure and weird as a 1974 Austin Marina. Make that a lime green with white vinyl top 1974 Austin Marina. In a shed in Wisconsin.

Known as the Morris Marina in its home U.K. market, there CERTAINLY could not have been many of these gems imported into the U.S. The 1800 cc. single carb is nothing to brag about..though it was rallyed in period with some success. It is the same sort of mid-seventies econobox that the U.S. never did very well, and that a whole generation of Brits came to grudgingly love despite its lengthy list of shortcomings.

Here is a rather melancholy salute to the oft-maligned Morris Marina. The video, gleaned from British Motor Industry Heritage Trust footage, was made in response to the British television show "Top Gear" dropping a piano onto one of its brethren.

The buyer for this car is probably an expat Brit who had one as his first car. The low original mileage is offset by the sad fact that it sat for 15 years. But with a little soaking of the cylinders, the engine might turn over. And it would be a lot of fun to see how well the rest of the car could clean up. At $1500 you would have a unique time capsule ride.


  1. I took those pictures! Car is still for sale. And when i washed the car it came out beautiful. There are absolutly no rust through on the entire car. I wish i could buy it but dont have the room to work on it sadly. If interested in possably buying it call me at 1(920)342-8771 my name is matt

  2. Unfortunately, a Marina in fair, running condition is only worth $800-1000.

  3. It's been a while... please let me know if the car is still for sale. If so, is the 920 number still good?

  4. Give him a call! And let us know how it turns out.