Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Last Peerless

Sometimes even the Barnfinder wonders how long we can keep finding amazing barn finds. With the age of the Internet, and everyone and their uncle on the hunt, the practice seems unsustainable. So on this latest barnfind, we took a moment during the extraction to stop and smell the mouse dung. To enjoy those first rays of light---the first in almost twenty years!--to pierce the dust of another amazing catch. This particular example is exclusive to Barnfinder!...delivered farm fresh to your computer monitor!
कभी कभी भी Barnfinder चमत्कार कब तक हम अद्भुत खलिहान लग पाता रख सकते हैं. इंटरनेट के युग, और हर कोई और शिकार पर अपने चाचा के साथ, अभ्यास unsustainable लगता है. तो इस नवीनतम barnfind पर, हम निकासी के दौरान एक पल को रोकने के लिए और माउस गोबर गंध लिया. बेध एक और कमाल की पकड़ की धूल - प्रकाश की उन पहली किरण --- लगभग बीस वर्षों में पहली बार आनंद लें. यह विशेष रूप से उदाहरण Barnfinder के लिए विशेष है ...! वितरित अपने कंप्यूटर पर नजर रखने के लिए नए सिरे से खेत!

1960 Peerless GT

Xi kultant anke l-Barnfinder jistaqsi kemm żmien aħna nkunu nistgħu nżommu konstatazzjoni barn aqwa ssib. Bl-età ta 'l-Internet, u kulħadd u ziju tagħhom dwar il-kaċċa, il-prattika jidher insostenibbli. Allura fuq dan barnfind aħħar, aħna ħa mument matul l-estrazzjoni biex tieqaf u riħa l-demel ġurdien. Biex igawdu dawk ewwel raġġi ta 'dawl --- l-1 fi kważi għoxrin sena -! Biex ittaqqab-trab ta' ieħor qabda aqwa. Dan l-eżempju partikolari hija esklussiva sa Barnfinder! ... Razzett ikkunsinnat friski lill monitor tal-kompjuter tiegħek!

If you watch other car-finding blogs such as BringATrailer you have no doubt noticed the seemingly endless supply of British built Peerless GT's being unearthed from barns all over America. Of the scant 250 or so units made, they seem to have enjoyed a remarkable survival rate. Perhaps the non-ferrous coachworks have saved them from profit-minded scrappers, or the stout resin-fibre bodies   give hope that one day they may indeed be restored.

The cars are a great amalgamation of everything sporty from the 1950's. Lightweight fiberglass body over square tube frame, a sporty 2.0 liter twin-carb Triumph drivetrain, lightweight wrap around bucket seats, wood steering wheel, knock-off wire wheels, dual Lemans style fuel tanks, and a DeDion rear end with Salisbury axle. Styling takes cues from the Aston DB Series and early Pininfarina 250 Ferrari coupes.

This one came with complete ownership history and records, the original motor (albeit disassembled), and 40k miles on the clock. The Avon Super Turbo tires and tubes still held air after almost two decades of storage, and the car rolled easily. It's all those darn semi-metallic racing brake pads that rust up to the rotors and drums of other cars...not the case here.

Here's your money shot....brought to you by the folks that put the "Barn" in "Barnfinder"!
This one's even better. Something so sexy about a dusty car on top of a flatbed hauler. Should we take it to the car wash, or just send it directly to the next Gooding and Co. auction?
Actually, this one is already spoken for. We just wanted to share the adventure with everybody. We just hope all the fun can continue!

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