Monday, January 10, 2011

Cheap and Clean: 1984 Porsche 911 $8950

I must admit to some bemusement regarding the passion of Porsche enthusiasts, but then again I have never owned one. They just seem too common for me. However I do consider the mid-Eighties Porsche 911s to be a balance of good looks and dependability and have long entertained jumping in on the right car at a fair price. Unfortunately, loyal followers of the marque have kept the prices up in the teens for good examples and there are just too many other options out there at that money.

Which is why this seemingly clean Southwestern car jumped out at me. It is at an Infiniti dealer in the Phoenix area and is at least $3000 under the low end blue book. It was advertised on Craigslist as low as $8950 at one time. The dealer describes it as a great runner and the paint and interior look tidy enough. But why so cheap then?

A quick check of the Carfax shows a long history in San Diego County- as well as a frontal hit and a disturbing odometer discrepancy. Neither are deal breakers at this price.The mileage is probably truer to 170k if one reads the records correctly. I know plenty of guys who are looking for a Sunday track car and give not one whit about a clean Carfax.

Maybe this is a case of a high end Japanese dealer with a loss leader Porsche on their floor to drive customers? It is an odd fit at an Infiniti dealership. I would expect that they would be straightforward about the car and not risk their reputation on the cheapest car on the lot. Judge this car by its merits.

Phoenix will be awash with thousands of collector and sports car enthusiasts next week for the January auctions. The best deals in the valley are not always those crossing the block. I'd expect this car to be gone quickly to an understanding home- and I hope it does so that I am not tempted myself.


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