Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rorty Sorbet: Top Gear 1975 Lancia Fulvia 1.3s

Viewers of the television show Top Gear America  might wonder what all the fuss is about- (apparently Britishisms like "Rorty Sorbet" aren't the only thing that don't translate well here)- but the BBC's original Top Gear is something of a global phenomenon. It is the world's most popular automotive show...and having your particular car featured on it would be an easy slamdunk for a sale.

This very car- the one used and enthused over in the show- has become available in the U.K. Asking price is £8500 (about $13,600) with one caveat; prospective buyers must provide a loving home and bleed Lancia Blu. Contact the Barnfinder! for the owners contact info.

This particular car is done up in a Monte Carlo paint scheme with leather interior and five point harnesses. The engine has been dyno tuned with twin Dellorto DLHB35s and velocity stacks- apparently responsible for much of that "Rort". Brakes have been upgraded, and the car has a new baffled alloy fuel tank out back. She is ready to run and has many standing invitations to U.K. events.

We have gone on about Fulvias before, so I'll let Jeremy Clarkson wax poetic in this clip from the show:

From the North American perspective, this price is a very, very good deal. The RHD configuration is not as much of a deal breaker in the U.S. as LHD seems to be to the Brits. Also, the cachet of a television car in America (even on a British show) is worth a premium. However, we'd like to see the car pass to someone local to the current owner- someone who could share the passion for these great cars.


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