Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clampit's Augusta: 1934 Lancia Augusta

                                                                   1934 Lancia Augusta

This old Lancia popped up on Ebay yesterday, but has been floating around the web for a while with the asking price of $5950. The car is offered by a seller who seems to specilize in old tractors and farm equipment. As much as I love old Italian cars-and Lancia is particular- this car has a full balance sheet of positives and negatives:

Rarity, rugged Lancia build quality, car seems to be all there and seems in reasonable restorable condition. Price is right and the car is in the U.S. Unusual to find a car of this vintage in this (relatively good) condition.

Not the most glamorous or technically interesting Lancia. Lump of a four-cylinder engine only good for 35hp. Not a good candidate for a rebodied special and very conservative existing coachwork. Not much financial upside in a restoration of this car- it has to be done out of love.

Someone fascinated with early Italian cars, who likes to physically take apart and marvel at ancient engineering and craftsmanship. Or someone hoping to get a bit part in a period Italian movie. Please do not hot rod this car!

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