Sunday, March 20, 2011

Paint It Green: 1973 Chevy Corvette

C3 'Vette prices are on the rise, but drop off dramatically after 1974 models. In most cases these cars are fully depreciated and values will soon justify full restorations of desirable optioned cars. Still affordable are the 71-73 models, which despite lower compression engines still feature the neat Mako shark styling and chrome bumpers (except for the front of the '73).

To make up for diminished performance, Chevrolet marketing introduced a series of exterior colors meant to evoke images of speed. The series took their inspiration from famous racing circuits, with names such as Bridgehampton Blue, Monza Red, Daytona Yellow and Elkhart Green- which is the original color of this particular example. Elkhart Green was a one-year only color for 1973, making this particular shade both rare and desirable and ultimately adding value to this example.

The best thing about this car is that it's a factory four speed. The 350 motor appears to need a little work, but the rest of the car remains fairly original and complete, down to the styled steel wheels. No description is given regarding the running/driving status, but the $6500 asking price is a reasonable place to begin negotiations after a thorough inspection. Factor in a great looking Elkhart Green paint job and the new buyer should be sitting pretty.

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