Friday, June 3, 2011

On Ice: 1960 Austin 7

Wherever you find a frozen lake, you will find ice racers. This old Austin has been shuttered for 17 years, which an optimist would point out is 17 years less of salt and road rage. The interior has been gutted for a roll cage and features a solo drivers seat. The suspension has been firmed up, and "somewhere" the seller has a dual Weber carb setup. Though not running, the car's engine has been turned over in storage to keep things free.

The "Seven" name goes back decades, denoting lightweight British- built cars that often found their way into competitions like hillclimbs and rallyes. It was one of the first accessible "everyman" automobiles, like the Ford Model T or the Fiat Ballila. In 1959 the name was used for Sir Alec Issigonis' remarkable Mini, aptly capturing the spirit of the original "Sevens".

Despite the seller's protestations to the contrary, the price for a decades-old non runner is always negotiable. I'd show up with cash and trailer for the best price on this old club car.

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