Saturday, June 4, 2011

One Man's Opinion: 1963 Corvair Monza Spyder

As evidence that one man can change history, consider the case of Ralph Nader and the Corvair. How would we now be valuing these innovative, European styled cars had Mr. Nader kept his opinions to himself?

My guess is that we'd be looking at America's Porsche: an all-aluminum, mid engined flat six with clean European lines and Chevrolet reliability. Sounds pretty good.

This car pretty much embodies everything that I would want in a Corvair. Its a first series body, with the cleanest and purest lines. It's white with red guts- always a sexy combo. But most importantly it is the Monza Spyder variant, with the 150 hp Turbocharged flat six and four speed manual transmission.

This one is a no-brainer. The asking price is almost an insult to the memory of a car whose legacy was tainted by one man's opinion.


  1. One of the best cars I ever owned. I shouldn't have totaled it. But I was told "unsafe at any speed" so why not floor it. Front accordioned but I kept my legs.