Sunday, January 1, 2012

Best Bertone: 1964 Alfa 2600 Sprint

These iconic Giugiaro-designed cars have been neglected too long, and it's nice to see a concours level car for sale. Good ones are rare...for a lot of reasons. Wear-item parts can be pricey. 400 mm tires are only available from speciality tire houses and a couple hundred dollars each. Solex carbs can mystify.

Still, the design of this car has absolute purity and harmony. Unlike the Alfa GTV, which was derived from this basic design years later, this model exhibits better balance and proportion than its 4-cylinder cousin. The build quality is what one would expect from a boutique Italian automaker, not a major manufacturer. Carrozerria Bertone was eager to please Alfa with the quality of this of the first major joint efforts between these two Italian powerhouses...and the results led to a decades-long relationship which produced some of the world's greatest cars.

This particular example, offered by Fantasy Junction near San Francisco, CA, is a well-known concours winner among Alfa Romeo enthusiasts. Fantasy Junction seems to deal in the best examples of Alfa Romeo in the world, and this one will surely sell quickly.

At a sale price of $55k, this car's restoration could not be repeated. It is a cheap way to acquire a wonderful and rare Italian Gran Turismo, and easy acceptance into any important gathering of unique cars.

Wow! O que é um grande Alfa Romeo para venda


  1. 这个特殊的例子,提供幻想旧金山,加州交界处附近,是一个众所周知的竞赛阿尔法罗密欧爱好者之间的赢家。幻想结似乎在阿尔法罗密欧的世界上最好的处理,而这一次一定会卖得很快。

  2. Anonymous: well said -- I agree completely.