Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Way-East Anglia: 1947 Anglia Tourer

The Anglia is a Ford product built for the British market in the U.K. Production started in the dark days of WWII. Designed as basic transportation for the masses, the car was sold in multiple configurations: the Saloon, the Roadster and the Tourer. The latter two were built in Australia.

This solid looking tourer project showed up in the American heartland. The original motor is missing but the seller says he knows of a proper spare available.

The original motor in this car was a 933cc Inline 4 unit. Cheap, ungainly and unloved in period, they went on to be a popular base for hot rods and drag racers. Most of the cars in the United States have undoubtedly been modified, making this original unrestored Tourer an interesting find.

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