Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh What Fun!: 1960 Morris Minor Drag Car

Remember what we said a few posts ago about finding ads that are misspelled? Fans of this British marque would have been hard pressed to find this car unless they searched "Miner" (i.e. def: one who extracts elements from the ground)- and probably horrified when they did find it.

1960 Morris Minor Drag Car $6000

This car appeals to a unique sub culture in America: the Street Racer. Or more specifically, the Vintage Street Race, or Hot Rod scene. Nowadays, its more about the aesthetic than actual speed...but neither could be denied with this set up.

If this were ours, we'd keep that wonderfully odd shade of green (British Drag Racing Green, I suppose?) and add period looking, hand painted livery- Speed Shop sponsorship, perhaps a catchy name for the car. Kitsch it up a bit.

The empty engine cradle begs for an interesting selection. Maserati 4 cam? Small block Chevy with Hillborn Injection? Small block Ford Stroker? It's fun to think about. The beefed up rear end and chassis leave the options wide open.

We'd finish the interior with a diamond quilt fabric and lightweight racing buckets. The finished product would be like a thinking-man's version of a '38 Willys Drag car. Lots of room to negotiate for an old roller that needs finishing. Contact The Barnfinder if you are interested!

 हम एक हीरे की रजाई कपड़े और हल्के रेसिंग बाल्टी के साथ आंतरिक खत्म होगी. तैयार उत्पाद के एक '38 विलीज खींचें कार की एक सोच आदमी के संस्करण की तरह होगा. परिष्करण की जरूरत है कि एक पुराने रोलर के लिए बातचीत करने के लिए कमरे के बहुत सारे. आप रुचि रखते हैं Barnfinder संपर्क करें!

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