Friday, April 26, 2013

Blown Bugeye: 1959 Austin Sprite

Solid Bugeye projects are very tempting. The cars are as cute and basic as can be, but the final results can be underwhelming in the performance department. That deficit has seemingly been mitigated with the addition of a period supercharger for this Lil' Bug.

1959 Austin Bugeye Sprite Project $6000

The Judson Supercharger is such a great vintage speed-shop part for these cars...and much more preferable to a modern powerplant swap.

The owner claims over $12500 in receipts so far in the restoration of this Austin, including $1500 for the rebuilt vintage supercharger. This one won't last. And in this state, the buyer has the advantage- as it seems much of your initial effort will be moving the collection from its current situation. Contact The Barnfinder if interested!

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