Monday, April 14, 2014

Fully Stude

Yeah, we're back....Almost a year to the day. And things have changed in the collector car world. A new aesthetic has it The Barnfinder Look. Maybe it's a rejection of the stratospheric prices of spotless and sanitized collector cars...the longing to return to something that wears its age with honesty...infused with the popular "Rat Rod" look that has become the mainstay of the hot rod crowd. Here is just such an offering:

 1946 Studebaker Truck $600 or Offer

The value of this truck is purely in the cab. No need to chop here; its already got a great, lean roofline.Don't worry about the bed (though it does look like an interesting early tilt bed) and even the chassis might not make the cut, depending on the next owners vision.

 Bring a snow shovel. The best thing this truck has is rust and livery. If that door wasn't painted, this truck may not make the cut. But as it sits, it is an awesome looking start to a Rat Rod. With talented painters now developing techniques to fake rust, faded paint and scuffs and bumps, the movement is on to "de-restore" a generation of shiny cars to look like they have seen a country mile or two.

Priced at less than its scrap metal value, this truck will require some elbow grease to extract, but you just don't find stuff like this laying around anymore. Save this old girl and scrap what you don't will probably end up owing you nothing.

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