Monday, December 20, 2010

Barnfinder 101: 1962 Studebaker Champ

While much of the content on this blog are exclusive finds, I will from time to time feature a vehicle that I found advertised somewhere else. As everyone in America eventually gets wired, the barnfinds have moved into the digital realm. But there are still deals to be had.

Consider this obscure 1962 Studebaker Champ truck. What great quirky looks. Moreover, what are the criteria that make this ad a potential barnfind or overlooked deal? Read the ad carefully…(By the way, this ad is real and current.)

1. Brand of vehicle misspelled in listing. Virtually guarantees that unless you stumble upon it in a general listing it will never come up in an internet search. Also suggests that the seller does not know what he has.

2. Selling for a deceased relative. Often more of a burden for the seller and perhaps no emotional connection to selling the vehicle.

3. Phone number listed. Usually indicates a real sale and not a scam, also suggests that the seller may not have internet access and therefore may not be able to widely advertise or gather comparable sales for that model.

4. Collector Plates in photos. Suggests a loved vehicle.

5. Garaged in photos. Hopefully where it has been kept.

6.” Trades Possible”. This seller wants to move this vehicle and will consider all options.

7. Listing City: Oshkosh, WI…not a teeming metropolis. Suggests that this one could have been overlooked by most car hunters.

8. Active Since Nov. 8.: If they were desperate to sell it at the time of listing, they are more so now given winter and the need to get their garage space back!

These Studes are unique and evocative trucks with appeal that goes beyond the marque diehards. You certainly won’t see one coming down the road at you. Old trucks as such are difficult to price as so much rides on condition. This one is assumed to run and drive ok, as well as have a decent enough coat of paint to get you into the local car show. You can’t ask much more than that for $3500.

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