Saturday, December 25, 2010

Simply Simca: 1971 1204 3 door

More than two years ago I ran across this car in a three-car parcel of Simcas for sale. The cars had been purchased by a church parish for use by their rectory and were being offered by a small town motorcycle repair shop. Now it is for sale again on Craigslist. There was a yellow car and a light blue car as well, and I believe the current seller also acquired those. This was the roughest of the three, but with its racing stripes it was also the most intriguing.

Simcas in the U.S. are pretty rare. Though critically acclaimed by the motoring press, they were a huge flop in America. The cars themselves were pretty interesting, with 62hp four cylinder, front wheel drive powerplants. Lots of headroom and a quirky French ergonomics. They were sold by Chrysler dealerships in the early 1970's. What could go wrong with that plan?!

This car was relatively solid for a Simca in The Rust Belt. The seller has the right idea...this would be an interesting car for the 24 Hours of Lemons (which is essentially an enduro for sub-$500 cars). Or a true Francophile could outfit the car to mimic one of the factory 1204 Rally cars. At the $300 asking price, you will have more money tied up in your time and effort to get her home.

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  1. please tell me what happened to these...

    I need a simca.