Sunday, December 19, 2010

Body without Bones.

This Ferrari 250 GTE was robbed of its chassis as the basis for a 250 Barchetta replica. It is a sad trend among the 2+2 Ferraris which are beautiful Grand Tourers in their own right. With good original 250 GTEs easily over the $100k mark, it might be worthwhile for someone to fabricate a modern tube-frame and suspension and source an interesting powerplant for a unique retro-rod.

The car has lots of rust (even in the roof!) and a cracked windshield. However the grille, aluminum hood, driving lights, dash, trunk lid, misc. trim, doors and other glass are intact... which quickly add up to the seller's asking price of $7000.

I have also seen guys making neat furniture out of bodies like this. Picture that nose as the front of a desk.

The car is sold on a bill of sale. Again, no chassis so it would have to be transported on a crib. The car is located in Southeastern Wisconsin. For more information contact bestbarnfinder

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