Monday, February 14, 2011

Alfamino!: Alfa Romeo Super Pickup Truck

1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Pick Up Conversion

Although a number of special-built service vehicles were derived from Giulia Sedans back in period, a pickup truck was never one of them. Leave it to the ingenious American Alfisti to answer the question that no one dared ask: what if Alfa Romeo had built an El Camino?

This infamous car has enjoyed a long string of owners, each improving the project a little bit at a time since its inception way back in 1986. It has been raced, rusted, repaired, rebuilt and Ranchero-ed. It now sports a late model 2.0 liter with Bosch L-jet engine from a 1982 Spider. It has a claimed 17,000 miles since being rebuilt: including new injectors, high amp Bosch alternator, and custom headers and exhaust.

There are still some odds and ends that need to be done, but the car is a driver. Anyone who would buy this would not be afraid of a little work. Nor would they ask market value! There is nothing to compare it to!
However, Alfisti- and more specifically Berlina and Super owners- march to their own drummer. The current owner has had this car since 2001, hogging almost a decade of this cars ownership that some other Alfisti could have left his or her mark on. Reasonably offered at $12,000, contact us at Barnfinder
for details on taking your place in the ownership lineage of this infamous piece of Alfa folk art.

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