Saturday, February 12, 2011

Breaker 1-9: 2/3 Scale Peterbuilt

So, you want your kid to worship the ground you walk on? Want to engage that 12 year old with a father-son project that will give him skills beyond playing video games? You cant beat this one..

This 2/3 scale Peterbuilt semi tractor and trailer were fabricated in the 1970's as a promotional unit for a radio station. The cab has been refreshed with newer paint and drivetrain, but some assembly still remains. The trailer, in matching scale, still wears its 70's radio station livery. The project is remarkably faithful to a real semi, with a tilting cab revealing a modern Cummins turbo diesel engine, full dualies in the back, and even air ride seats like a real rig.

Most of the hard stuff has been done, and this could be a great toy for Fourth of July parades or promotional use. Once restored, this is the kind of unusual stuff that would do well at an auction like Barrett-Jackson.

 With that in mind, I can't see any real harm in the Buy-It-Now price of $12,500. This piece crosses over into automobilia, but since it seems well enough engineered, you could almost do some real hauling with this rig. You certainly won't see anything quite like this, and if you are into Semis this is a unique opportunity.

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