Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Help Wanted: 1955 Flxible Clipper Coach

HELP WANTED: Position open for a young man, preferably retired, of sound mind and body, unafraid of working in cold, dark or confined spaces, undaunted by threats or doubting looks from friends or family, with hefty pension or trust fund, to undertake this project. Position will self-pay between $.02 and $.05/per hour, collectable (maybe) at completion of job. Weekend and holiday work absolutely required, with no vacation benefits for the foreseeable future. Job term to end shortly before applicants death. Ideal candidates will possess proficiency in diesel mechanics, finish carpentry, aircraft fabrication, machining, oil well drilling, auto body and paint, and antique electrical systems. Applicant should hold Journeyman's card in HVAC and be a Master Plumber. Steamfitting experience a plus. Preference given to ex-Naval Submariners. Benefits: Satisfaction of having returned a wonderful art-deco land yacht- a symbol of the open road and the promise of the American dream- to its original state. Support group available.
Please click on the link below to apply, include negotiable $2500 application fee (non refundable)

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