Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Be Lerch: 1957 Pontiac Hearse

Doesn't every town have a creepy guy who drives around in an old hearse? Maybe he owns a goth dance club. Or a used vinyl record store. No? Well, here is your chance to be that guy...

Truthfully, hearses represent an interesting and active sector of the automotive hobby known as "service vehicles". Most of these vehicles feature high-end custom coachwork from small, little known American custom coachbuilders. As such, it is important to find one that is complete, as some parts are just non-existent. Superior usually built most of the Pontiac coachs, which included ambulances, limos and airport livery vehicles.

This car has clearly started the transformation into something of a creepy street rod. We think that look has run it's course, and this car has elegant enough lines to warrant a restoration. An increasing number of funeral homes are showing interest in having classic livery service, and the cost of a restoration is probably cheap compared to the extravagant costs of a new service vehicle. Chalk the restoration up as a business expense.

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