Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spring Collection

Sorry to those faithful readers who have missed our regular posts. We have just been so busy this spring with cars coming and going that we have not had a chance to write about them! Here is a quick snapshot of some new stuff that caught our eye....

No idea what anyone would do with this thing, other than to appreciate it from the safety of your computer monitor. American built, ex-military/fire service, aluminum coachwork. Big, Red, and Ungainly. At $5500, not very cheap, but probably close to scrap metal price. Love the dashboard, which seems to have more gauges than a battleship's wheelhouse. Marmon Herrington has built everything from semi tractors to tanks, and has a cult following. I guess I would not be surprised to see this in someone's heavy equipment collection.


Now this one is actually tempting. I am not sure why Traction Avants seemed to have survive in such relatively high numbers for Pre War Design/Post War Production European cars. It seems every period WWII film has a bevy of these cars running around in the background. They have great styling, lots of charm, and interesting details. This one seems like an honest project that the current owner has just tired of.

A colleague told us that the British are buying up MGAs and repatriating them in big numbers. I can't speak to that, but this would seem like a good candidate for that scenario. Its a driver, with a complete top assembly but needing paint.The price is not cheap, but I get the feeling a cash offer of up to $2000 less would not be ignored.

Assuming our negotiating skills would apply equally to this MG and we could knock $2000 off this price, we'd be money ahead on this car. Its a Texas car with an older restoration that seems to be holding up well. Fixed Head Coupes seem rarer than Roadsters and with the luggage rack it begs to tour. Its been for sale for awhile (at a fair price) so one has to think $10.5k would buy it.

Insufferably slow but wonderfully styled by Pietro Frua while at Carrozzeria Ghia this convertible Caravelle is a striking piece. This one is an estate sale needing the requisite brake work from long term storage. Black seems to suit the car well and the removable hardtop is a big bonus not found on the standard Caravelle Cabriolet. We really like this one.

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