Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mini-Vette: 1970 Opel GT

Back in the 70's, the rap on the Opel GT was that they were the poor man's Corvette. The styling seemed directly derivative of the Mako Shark styled C3 Vettes, and poorly proportioned at that. Throw in some dashes of Ferrari GTO and you had the Opel GT.

Nowadays-given the mists of time- the cars design stands on its own. These are interesting little cars that are getting harder to come by. Rust has eaten most, and this one admits to a bit of corrosion.

This one seems set up how we would like it. Some attention has seemingly been given to making this one a rally/road racer. We love the yellow paint job and the chrome seems in good shape. Look for a 4 speed car and check for the rare limited slip differential.

One thing we would lose is the side pipes...again another nod to the early Corvettes. These cars should stand on their own. This would be a great car to see at any club event.

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  1. Them are equaly as hard to find in Sweden. But Ive found one almost in a mint condition. Completely original. 94000 miles for 12000 dollars.