Saturday, November 8, 2014

4for$1Ok: An MGA exploded all over a yard...and no one cared.

Fortunately no one was hurt when a highly pressurized four-car hoard of MGA parts and cars could no longer be contained by the seller, who was eventually forced to list them for sale. These four MGAs are offered in a package sale for $10,000 or offer.

We just can't figure out MGAs. Was there ever a more universally admired shape set forth by BMC upon our shores? Why then have prices continued to languish on these classy roadsters, imperiling ambitious projects such as the one above to the scrapyard?

Furthermore, there can hardly be a more straightforward subject for an aspiring restorer to build: simple body-over-frame construction and a stout inline 4 motor, with an active aftermarket parts supply. Even when they do break ( which is alarmingly often), it is usually something fundamental and simple. These are the perfect candidates to teach some high school shop class the basics of locomotion. 

We love rust. Can you believe there are actually car crafters out there that have to SIMULATE it to get that oh-so-fashionable look? Not us here in the Midwest. We have the real thing, 100% organic.


Somebody please save these puppies. They would fill up an overseas shipping container quite nicely!

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