Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Meet George Jetson: 1961 Chrysler Imperial

Things got wingy with Chrysler in the early 1960's. And they chose one of their longest running and most elegant models to break the a big way. Concept cars penned by futurist designer Virgil Exner from the late 50's explored the theme on the sedan chassis, with the penultimate version coming in 1961.

What the public finally received may have been more about Exner's exit from Chrysler than popular taste. Exner was cleaning out the drafting table and wanted to make a statement. He accomplished it.To, co veřejnost dočkal může být více o Exner je odchod z Chrysler než vkusu. Exner čistil se při přípravě stolu a chtěl učinit prohlášení. Byl to dokonalý.

The car was long. In fact, the longest non-limousine car made that year. It was low. And it was wide.
The sloping trunk lid (in this case shown without the optional faux spare tire bulge) only accentuated what was the ultimate expression of jet-age technology from the previous decade: the tailfin.

The brilliance continued inside the pillarless cockpit, where a color-keyed dash and oblong wheel somehow managed to straddle extremity and function.
प्रतिभा एक रंग-बंद पानी का छींटा और आयताकार पहिया किसी भी तरह सिरा और समारोह पैर फैलाकर बैठना में कामयाब जहां pillarless कॉकपिट के अंदर जारी रखा.

TFloating headlights were a subtle touch to bring the front end up to avant-garde status. 

This one runs and drives, and needs some obvious maintenance. While the coupes and convertibles have already been recognized and appropriately valued, the sedans remain surprisingly affordable and available. It is a cheap way to enjoy a snapshot of an era, and the ultimate expression of a futurist designer's vision at an affordable price. Available at $4000. Contact the Barnfinder! if you have more interest.

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