Friday, November 14, 2014

90% Right And The Rest Unbolts: 1963 VW Beetle

Not so very long ago, we didn't care much at all for aircooled VW's. Many of you cannot imagine a time when just about every 12th car you saw on the road was a Bug. But, given time and rarity, and the diminishing memories of feeble acceleration (offset by that distinctive smell of aged Karmann rubber mats and interior)...well...we kind of like them now.

Especially the rollback soft-tops: These evoke earlier times of Old Speed So Cal racers. Gnarly dude. Can you dial in KROQ on that old Sapphire AM/FM? We digress.

Lots to like here. Nice two-tone paint, in and out. A clean looking twin-carb 1700cc with open air cleaners to give that distinctive intake noise. And the presumption that all of it was done on a decent, rust free pan. The stuff we don't like comes off easy: stick on fakey-fender extractors, headlight shades and the extra-wide wheels. We'd consider a set of Porsche Fuchs or a simple chrome reverse. We'd think about putting bumpers back on too. But that's just us.

1963 VW Beetle Ragtop $7000

The seller is motivated and it's fairly priced. She lives in the cold so she'll be put away soon. Buzz us for more info at The Barnfinder!

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  1. 1963 is one of my cuties! But this one is not very original. The mag wheels, the unoriginal interior, the unoriginal two-tone paint, etc., are no big deal to me. But missing bumpers seriously detracts from it’s cuteness. At least it has escaped being abominated into a Baja during the 70s.