Monday, November 10, 2014

Most Unloved: 1958 Ford Thunderbird

While most American car makes can point to 1957-58 as a high watermark in their design, Ford's T-bird sadly cannot claim the same. Too ahead of it's time, or clinging too much to it's past...whatever the reason... the swoopy modern finned bodywork suffered with an ungainly angular and elongated C-pillar and roofline, betraying the sporting image it strove to imply.

Bereft of this awkward roof element, the convertible T-bird was a bird of a different feather. Rodders have latched onto this weakest link, and the '58 'Bird is a prime candidate for a chop. Call it the customer re-tailoring the suit to better reflect the taste of the times.

Nowadays, of course, every T-bird deserves to be saved. The long coupe body is finding new fans with a thousand different interpretations of the long lead sled. Which is why this engine-less rescue makes sense to a whole lot of people who would just start from scratch anyway:

At $800 asking price, you are just above scrap value on this old heavy cruiser. Hopefully it can find a new home... and perhaps a bit of reinvention.

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  1. In my opinion, the 1958-1960 “square birds“ have not received there just due accolades! That $800 motorless project-mobile ought to be saved, if not as a full frame off resto, or a partial frame on driver, then at least as a parts car, or at worst, a ratmobile (but WITHOUT chopping it!). Any of these final dispositions is an improvement over going to the crusher!

    Of course, I also realize that I’m a Johnny come lately in commenting on this. Perhaps a “retroactive prayer” for a better alternative universe for this car on my part might help.